24/7 Sri Lanka News on Web

There are quite a few websites in the web dedicated to Sri Lanka news. Most of these sites are based on daily news papers published in Sri Lanka. One good such example is sri lanka news paper daily news published by the news agency called lake house. Apart from these, there are news sites which are only operates on the web such as Lanka E news.
Most of these Sri Lankan News sites are published in English, Sinhala and Tamil. So the readers have the flexiblity to read Sri Lankan News from language of their choice.

These are the few printed Sri Lankan News publications on the web;


 These are few online news sites;

sanit news sri lankaLanka TruthLankanewspapers.comcolombo page
Lanka EverythingSinhala.net/Lanka AcademicLanka web
Lanka PageGuardianLankanews.lk/newsfirst
mawbima lanka newslankasrinewsasiantribuneDefence.lk